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  • olive trees with ladder for harvesting

How to Harvest Olives


A Guide for Harvesting, Milling, Curing and Canning Olives - Harvesting olives for food and oil has been done for thousands of years. Making harvest decisions about methodology, timing, and more, are based upon a number of factors. Which cultivars are you growing? Each one has unique characteristics, such as fruit (drupe) size, pit-to-pulp ratio, oil content, color and flavor profile, as well as considerations for the type of harvest (hand or mechanical), climate conditions, etc. Use this guide as an aid in making your harvest decisions.

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  • Olive tree pruned with pile of branches cut off on ground

How To Prune Olive Trees


With thousands of olive tree cultivars worldwide, they inevitably grow to a variety of sizes, including dwarf varieties that only grow to two to four feet in height to those that can exceed forty feet in height and width. Use this guide as an aid in making your pruning decisions for your olive trees.

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  • Planting olive trees

How to Plant an Olive Tree


The basics are no different than planting other trees and plants: Dig a hole; remove your tree from its container; put tree in the hole; and add soil and tamp down. Add support stakes if needed; water the tree and admire your handiwork. The specifics of olive tree planting can be more complex, particularly if you are planning and planting an orchard for commercial production of cured olives or olive oil. For purposes of conciseness, this article will focus on planting and not long-term care of your olive trees.

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  • Olive tree nursery

How to Buy an Olive Tree


Use this guide as an aid in making your purchasing decisions for both landscape and commercial olive tree purchasing. Olive trees make beautiful additions to any property, whether they’re used to add a striking visual in a garden or planted in an orchard to produce olives for consumption.

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  • Harvested Olives

Harvesting Olive Trees


We harvest olive trees throughout California. Harvesting olive trees may begin as early as late August and will continue through November depending upon the region, variety and desired ripeness. They are picked for both eating and processing into oil, so the degree of ripeness is important and a factor in the timing of harvest.

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  • Arbequina Olive Trees 24 inch box

Maintenance of Olive Trees


We maintain and care for olive trees throughout California. Our staff is experienced in all facets of olive tree care and maintenance. We can oversee various growing conditions, from container maintenance to care of trees in your grove. We also consult on troubleshooting care issues such as pests or diseases, irrigation and more. Regular care of newly planted trees is essential for long-term olive tree health. Let us help you ensure your trees are off to a good start to last a lifetime.

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