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  • Installation Prep

Installation of Olive Trees


We install and plant olive trees throughout California. Installing and planting olive trees can be a delicate operation. We are well-experienced with various planting conditions, from rocky to clay soils, to ensure each tree receives the care and preparation to protect it. Our crew members ensure each tree’s roots will thrive in their new home, providing a successful launch in your landscape or olive grove for a healthy and productive life.

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  • Olive Tree Delivery

Transport Olive Trees


We transport olive trees throughout California. Moving trees can be a delicate operation. Whether or not you’re moving a tree 50 feet or 500 miles, it requires the careful planning, proper equipment and preparation to ensure the move is completed successfully and with the minimum of stress for the tree.

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  • Fruiting Olive Trees

Olive Trees for Commercial Use


Fruiting olive trees make ideal candidates for the commercial or hobby orchard farmer. We offer numerous cultivars perfect for different growing conditions as well as to meet your flavor and production needs.

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  • Swan Hill Olives® fruitless olive trees in 36 inch boxes

Olive Trees for Landscaping


Olive trees make excellent focal points and accents to the Mediterranean-style landscape garden. We offer both single- and multi-trunked olive trees for landscaping.

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