Special Offer – thru May

10 Year Old, Fruiting

Coratina Olive Tree

For Pick-up or Delivery in a

48″ Box or Burlap Rootball Wrap

Current Size

10’-  12’ h x 8’- 10’ w



The Coratina olive tree is often grown in the shape of an inverted conical vase. It’s characterized by early production and by its adaptability to different soils and climates. Highly adaptable, Coratina produces abundantly in hot dry climates, including rocky soils. Genetically, Coratina is one of the olive cultivars that synthesize the highest content of phenolic compounds. This results in exceptional oxidation stability of its extra-virgin olive oil.

ALL trees available for pick-up or delivery during COVID-19 crisis. Non-fruiting trees also available and make excellent privacy screens. Availability subject to change. Just ask for the special offer.

Offer expires end of May!