• Planting olive trees

How to Plant an Olive Tree


The basics are no different than planting other trees and plants: Dig a hole; remove your tree from its container; put tree in the hole; and add soil and tamp down. Add support stakes if needed; water the tree and admire your handiwork. The specifics of olive tree planting can be more complex, particularly if you are planning and planting an orchard for commercial production of cured olives or olive oil. For purposes of conciseness, this article will focus on planting and not long-term care of your olive trees.

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  • Installation Prep

Installation of Olive Trees


We install and plant olive trees throughout California. Installing and planting olive trees can be a delicate operation. We are well-experienced with various planting conditions, from rocky to clay soils, to ensure each tree receives the care and preparation to protect it. Our crew members ensure each tree’s roots will thrive in their new home, providing a successful launch in your landscape or olive grove for a healthy and productive life.

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